More details have released regarding the reported plot by a fellow inmate to kill incarcerated Dancehall star Vybz Kartel in prison.

UPDATE: Vybz Kartel, Shawn Storm Murder Plot Revealed

Despite the fact that Police have dismissed such claims, more details have emerged regarding the reported plot by a fellow inmate to kill incarcerated star inside the Horizon Adult Correctional Centre.

Hype Life Magazine understands that Kartel’s fellow convict Shawn Campbell, alias was also a target of an alleged plot which was uncovered on January 17.

About a month ago, a fellow inmate who was hurriedly transferred from the maximum-security facility after the plot was uncovered was involved in an altercation with Kartel, according Jamaiva news outlet RJR.

Things got heated and Kartel reportedly threw water from his toilet in the face of the inmate.

Correctional Officers managed to defuse the tension however the inmate involved in the altercation with Kartel vowed that he would exact revenge.

The inmate was able to convince a female casual worker assigned to the maximum facility to smuggle a bottle of lotion containing two ratchet knives, and a poisonous substance, Hype Life Magazine has learnt.

That substance that has the ability to penetrate the skin was supposed to be used in the attack and Shawn Storm was the target.

Kartel would have been the subject of the knife attack.

The female casual worker who was held on January 17 reportedly confessed that she was paid J$25 – thousand to smuggle in the contraband.

Investigators say the plot was foiled by a warder who became suspicious about the bottle of lotion which was taken from another inmate who was scheduled to be released from Horizon.

That inmate was arrested and charged by the Denham Town Police with possession of contraband, while the inmate at the centre of the feud with Kartel is being questioned in connection with the plot.</p

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