Rumor has it that Vybz Kartel has turned his life over to Christ and is preparing to baptise.
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Incarcerated superstar has allegedly turned over his life to Jesus Christ, according to several online reports.

The reports claimed that the “World Boss” deejay is a “changed man who will no longer write songs that promote violence, profanity, raunchy sex or anything that degrades Jamaica or society as a whole.”

The reports, which were first published ironically on April 1st, alleged that on March 31st, Vybz Kartel sent a letter to Mutabaruka explaining why he has accepted the Christian faith.

A full extract from the so-called letter states:

“Recording songs has been my getaway in prison. Since that privilege has been taken away from me, I have had some time to search my soul. I have had the chance to find what I was looking for. Out in the world, I had all the money I needed. I had a beautiful wife with beautiful children and could get just about any woman I wanted. But I always felt like something was missing from my life. There was always this emptiness that no amount of girls, jewelry, guns, so-called friends and cars could fill.”

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