A police sergeant has testified at the Vybz Kartel murder trial to seeing a man with a pick-axe stick in a phone video confiscated in the investigation of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams’ killing. Court hears audio recording of threat to kill 'Lizard'.

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The prosecution tendered into evidence one iPhone and three BlackBerry cell phones at the murder trial of entertainer and his four co-accused on Wednesday, January 22nd.

Voice recordings on the phones were played on Wednesday and Thursday (Jan. 23st), when the trial resumed in Home Circuit Court.

In opening the case, prosecutors had said the Crown was also relying on voice identification to prove its case against the men.

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Det. Sgt Patrick Linton, who was formerly attached to the Communication, Forensic and Cybercrimes Unit at the Organised Crime Investigation Division, said on October 3, 2011, Det Cpl Albert Pitt of the Flying Squad visited his office and made a request for the phones to be examined in relation to a case which was under investigation.

Sergeant Linton said he collected the devices and proceeded to carry out a digital forensic examination and analysis of the phones.


Vybz Kartel's Murder Trial Intensifies With Shocking Video & Audio Forensic Evidence

Sergeant Linton said the data extracted contained video and audio files, photographic images, textual data, documents and other files. He said in one of the videos, he saw several persons. He said one of the persons was a light-skinned man, with his right forearm showing a tattoo titled ‘boss’.

He said the word was clearly visible with bright colour red ink. He also said he saw a man holding a pick-axe stick.

The 12-member jury in the today heard voice recordings of a man threatening to kill Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams.

The recordings were voice notes taken from a BlackBerry cellphone.

In one of the voice notes, which was punctuated with expletives, a voice was heard complaining of receiving a call from a man called “Lizard” and another man, identified as “Wee”, telling him that they could not locate “two new shoes”.

The voice was also heard saying he told ‘Lizard’ he had until 8 o’clock that night to return the shoes.

The voice further said that if he did not get back the shoes he was going to kill one of them.

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One of Kartel’s lawyers, Christian Tavares-Finson, objected to one of the cell phones being tendered into evidence on the basis that it was being used while in the custody of the police, so Linton could not speak to the integrity of that phone.

Prosecutor Jeremy Taylor said the objection was premature. Justice Lennox Campbell then ruled that the phone should be admitted into evidence.

The prosecution is alleging that Williams was beaten and killed at the Havendale, St Andrew house of the entertainer on August 16, 2011 over two missing guns. His body has not been found.

Vybz Kartel whose real name is Adidja Palmer is jointly charged with , Kahira Jones, Shane Williams and Andre St John for the alleged August 16, 2011 murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams.

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Source: Jamaica Gleaner, NationWide90FM

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