Victoria Beckham Reveals Her Secrets to Raising Polite Kids

Victoria Beckham opens up about raising polite children, from being strict to allowing her kids to have fun and be themselves. See the video!

Victoria Beckham's SS19 10th anniversary show at London Fashion Week

Victoria Beckham is an iconic singer rightfully to her Girls days as well as a very successful designer in the fashion business.

However, she recently revealed that she is most proud of her role as a parent.

Victoria, who has four kids with her husband David Beckham, gave an interview to E! News, to celebrate her 10th Anniversary Collection, in between London Fashion Week.

The proud mother just couldn’t help but gush over her little ones even though the sit-down was supposed to be mainly about her fashion career.

“We are strict with the kids. You just have to be, but at the same time allow them to have fun and express themselves as well,” she told the outlet.

David and the children were present to support Victoria Beckham at Fashion Week.

The model admitted that she got emotional after seeing her loved ones from the runway.

“I got so emotional. I really did. You work so hard for a really long time, and you want to do the best that you can do,” she explained.

Victoria Beckham Talks Being Strict With Her Kids

Victoria Beckham, who can definitely relate to all the people who are struggling to juggle their careers, families and other parts of their lives successfully, also gave some advice to other mothers.

“Just, do not feel bad. Just do not feel guilty. We are trying to do the best that we can. You want to be the best wife, the best mom, the best professional and just be good and kind to yourself,” she said.

Victoria’s new 10th Anniversary Collection is a limited-edition capsule in celebration of the brand’s important milestone. The sixteen-piece collection features everything from a new Eva suede clutch to a new version of the Eva pump in white leather.

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