Wayne Marshall opens up about the relationship with his father who has recently passed away.

opens up about fatherhood and discusses his father, Wycliffe Mitchell, who has recently passed away.

The artist spoke from the heart about his experience as a father and what his father meant to him in a 5-minutes footage uploaded to his Youtube account on Father’s Day.

“The relationship with my father… it has developed over time,” Marshall said.

“As a young kid, I use to think he was strict and kind of a little bit rough, overbearing… But then that was just me being a kid and thinking that he doesn’t want me to be great.”

The “Glory To God” singer said as an adult he grew to understand why his father was strict towards him.

Marshall, who married fellow Jamaican singer Tami Chynn in 2009, is now a father of three says his father would give him advice on fatherhood.

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