Beauty queen and media character Yendi Phillipps will soon be making her acting debut.

Yendi Phillipps To Make Acting Debut In Sex & Relationship Film "Taboo"

Beauty queen and media character will soon be making her acting debut.

The Miss Universe 1st runner-up will be taking on a lead role in the soon-to-be opened play Taboo.

The play which has been described as smart, humorous and sexy is produced by production company Backstory and will open on July 12.

“I have a theatre background, in terms of dance theatre. But I have always been intrigued to delve further and explore other elements of the arts so I went after the role,” Yendi Phillipps tells media reporters.

Other characters in the show include actor and radio personality Rodney Campbell, Lisa Williams and the playwright Kieran King. It will be directed by veteran director Eugene Williams.

The storyline of the play follows two young Jamaican couples attempting to figure out the mixed up world of intercourse and relationships.

Yendi, a former member of the National Dance Theatre Company (NDTC) once played a prostitute in a piece choreographed by the late professor Rex Nettleford.

She tells the Jamaica Observer that she has “no struggle” with the role.

Phillipps, first runner-up in Miss Universe 2010 and a top 16 finisher in the Miss World 2007, said her biggest challenge is remembering her lines.

Backstory Production Company is looking to create stories that are completely Jamaican that can be shown over the whole globe.

Using the local resources and talents, their shows Last Call and Mr. & Mrs. Blacke have both gotten much acclaim and have epitomized what possibility lies in Jamaican theatre.

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