Jamaican dancehall deejay Aidoina and diva Ishawna has been allegedly creeping for some time now, according several celebrity blogs. Is this true?

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Is artist creeping with diva on his fiancee Kimberly?

Jamaican dancehall deejay Aidoina and diva Ishawna has been reportedly creeping for some time now, according several celebrity blogs.

Celebrity blogs are reporting that the two have [allegedly] been “sneaking around quietly, sidestepping the media and eyes of their fans, hitting on each other at various club events around the island [Jamaica].”

In May, Ishawna released a single titled Everybody Ago Know, revealing that she [might] has been creeping on Foota Hype — from ‘quinting up’ her pu$$y for her sideman [Is it Aidonia?] and letting him “rev out” and “cum” in her every week — following her silent break up with her ex-fiance-deejay boyfriend.

Ishawna’s Break-up Saga Continues In New Song? While Sideman ‘Cum’ In Her Weekly
Music: Ishawna – Everybody Ago Know

Aidonia and his fiancee have a son together named King Kahlif. The two are soon to marry — [maybe] sometime this year.


Nevertheless, lets hope that these allegations are not real, as any are yet to be confirmed.

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