Watch "Krayzay" music video by Aidonia.

artist dropped the visuals for his single “KrayZay.”

The 300K-directed video sees the Jamaican entertainer spitting crazy lyrics as he paces around wild and aggressive in a facility seemingly for the mentally-ill.

“Krazay, I’m krazay, I’m krazay
You nigga’s know that I’m krazay
Fat 45, no 380
Full a gun, ship dem through Haiti
The 32 too long, da clip deh too weighty
The 17 better, precise when mi aim it
Buss out dem head ’cause dem feisty
Pussy cyan live inna safety
The Glock nuh have no safety
The grip smooth like baby
Contract killing, dawg dem pay me
Mannings Hill road right front the Tastee
You a nyam patty and pastry
Mi work up the trigger, mi finger nuh lazy
Kick in your face pon the pavement
And make police come see pure shell
Pure shell, some 40, some K shell”

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