Alkaline targets Tommy Lee Sparta on new diss track "Buss Head." Listen now!

has finally responded to Tommy Lee Sparta on a new diss track titled “Buss Head.”

The artist sent several subliminal lyrics towards to the ” deejay on the DJ Frass-produced single.

Alkaline Targets Tommy Lee Sparta On “Red Eyes” Diss Track

This song comes after his Montego Bay-based rival released a slew of diss tracks including “Target” and “40 Balls.”

“Buss Head” has received mix reviews since its release on Wednesday (August 23).

“Tell unnu fi low the badness and pree gal / We humans but we a no equals / War can’t buy out it can’t resolve / Don’t need police it no hard fi we resolve / Vendetta don’t style them but we deadly / Pvssy them a chat like Beverly / Anything a anything tell them we ready,” Alkaline deejays on the track.

Listen to “Buss Head” by Alkaline.

After Sumfest 2017, reports surfaced that Alkaline and Tommy Lee Sparta have gotten into an altercation backstage on Dancehall Night.

According to sources, there was a brawl between Dancehall artist after the “Badness It Name” deejay dissed the “Uncle Demon” during Alkaline’s performance.

Tommy Lee Sparta himself hinted that the duo purposely tried to stall his set during his performance.

“Mi see some bwoy a try hold out the show” Tommy Lee Sparta said before proceeding to aim his song “Not A Badness” at Alkaline.

Organizers of the event blamed the award segment and the band changes for the delay. However, Tommy Lee Sparta’s management disagreed, saying that Alkaline said on the stage after he finished performing that the show was over, therefore it was time to go home.

Since then, Tommy Lee Sparta has released a string of diss songs, targeting Alkaline but the “Impact” deejay made no effort to respond until now with “Buss Head.”

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