Alkaline rolls through Kingston and NYC for his highly-anticipated video, 'City.'

artiste drops the video for his hit single “City.”

DJ Frass Records-produced single has been one of the Alkaline’s biggest hits this year.

In the visuals, directed by Jay Will (Game Over), Alkaline cruises around New York City on the top of a SUV before rounding up his entourage for a reunion. The Jamaican entertainer also connects with the locals in his community before strolling through the streets with his Vendetta clique.

Mid-way in the video, Alkaline sat down for a conference but refused to answer any questions before walking out on the interviewers.

“Mi nuh haffi explain mi self to no man
And mi nuh need none a unuh opinion
Just watch you tone a voice
Humble nuh brother man
Nuh meck wi haffi do this in front ah woman
Mi nuh do interviews so fuck yuh questions
The answer to everything deh pon mi left hand
How mi fi short a words or inspiration
When in a literature mi have a distinction”

Watch “City” music video by Alkaline.

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