Alkaline debuts new war song "Death of Microwave" targeting Popcaan.

artiste has ironically taken a page out of Canadian rapper ’s book, while beefing with Meek Mill, and dropped a second diss track aimed at .

Alkaline has released a second track, titled “Death of Microwave,” towards Popcaan, who has yet to respond to the “Formula” deejay.

Alkaline debuted the track which comes after his first reply, “Microwave,” to Popcaan’s initial diss song, “Stray Dog,” towards him.

Listen to “Death to Microwave” by Alkaline.

Popcaan’s mother, Ms. Rhona, can be heard throughout the song, praying for her son. The excerpts were taken from Popcaan’s Instagram videos, a move which some fans has seen as disrespectful.

This move is very similar to the move Popcaan’s close friend, Drake, made against Meek Mill.

This has lead to some fans on social media to comedically call Popcaan “the Jamaican Meek Mill, a term which was coined by Mavado, while beefing with the “World Cup” deejay last year.

Popcaan has been silent about Alkaline’s latest diss tracks.

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