Alkaline looks to motivate Dancehall fans with new song "Hard Tackle."

has released a new single, “Hard Tackle.”

On the Chimney Records-produced track, the Dancehall artist describes his music career as a “hard battle.”

He discusses life’s struggles and overcoming the negativity from critics to becoming unstoppable.

Listen to “Hard Tackle” by Alkaline…

Alkaline, who began recording at the age of 16, became popular in Jamaica in 2013 with a series of singles including “My Life,” “Not A Slack Song,” and “Things Mi Love.”

He became known for his distinctive look, with bleached skin, blond dreadlocks, and apparently tattooed eyes. It later emerged that Alkaline achieved his look by using contact lenses.

His debut album, “New Level Unlocked,” which was was released by DJ Frass Records and released in 2016, topped the Billboard Reggae Albums Chart the following month. It was selected at number 3 in Billboard’s “10 Best Reggae Albums of 2016”.

Alkaline, real name Earlan Bartley, is known for other tracks like “Champion Boy”, “Block and Delete”, “After All”, “12 PM (Living Good)”, “Formula”, and “City”.

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