Listen to 'Ricochet' by Alkaline, a Vybz Kartel diss track, produced by DJ Frass Records.

artiste delivers his first response, a new track titled “Ricochet,” dedicated to in the ongoing lyrical battle which also involved .

Evidently, “Ricochet,” which has been getting a lot of feedback on social media, is a counteraction to Vybz Kartel’s recently released single “Round Corna.

Listen to “Ricochet” by Alkaline.

On the DJ Frass-produced single, Alkaline is claiming that the musical career of the “Worl Boss” deejay currently flops, while gimmicking the lyrics of the incarcerated deejay’s latest diss track, which targets the Vendetta clan lead and the “Big League” deejay.

Ricochet refers to a shot or hit that rebounds one or more times off a surface. In Alkaline’s term, Vybz Kartel only knocks bullets around corners just to shot himself.

“Bwoy step out inna di war and flop himself
A try shoot ’round corner and end up shot himself
Ricochet off of the wall and knock him flat, him fell
F*cking fool…
Bwoy go run down the war and bait up him friends
Bait up him family, bait up him endz
I couldn’t tell you say I sorry fi none of them
(Mi nuh sorry fi none of them)”

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