Beenie Man takes shots at Popcaan on diss track "Mine How U A Pass Yuh Place." Listen to the Seanizzle-produced single.

has squarely targetted at !

With the help of ’s figurative lyrics, the veteran dropped in a new diss track titled “Mine How U A Pass Yuh Place,” off the 13th Friday Riddim.

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On the Seanizzle-produced single, the 44-year-old entertainer aimed directly at “El Chapo” deejay and his “killy killy” squad.

“Me bloodclaat unnu really want to do this? / Go s**k your man mother,” Beenie Man deejays on the intro, before referring to Popcaan as Alkaline did, “Microwave never make when man a boil corn / When man a buss corn people life gone / Tell just born young bird no know storm.”

“Pu**y you can’t win tha war ya dog so why try / Every Killy Killy dead anytime we drive by / Shot in a yo face cook skin fry eye / Every bullet connect like free WiFi,” Beenie spits.

Listen to “Mine How U A Pass Yuh Place” by Beenie Man.

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This track comes after Beenie Man faced criticism for allegedly dissing Popcaan and the mother of the “Bullet Proof” deejay in a viral footage in April.

“Other day Popcaan sing a song and a seh remember when mi use to buy three sardine and one pound a rice from shop. Three sardine and one pound a rice? p***y yuh never guh a shop yet, guh s**k yuh ma…..! Three sardine and one pound a rice? a man know how much fi three sardine?” Beenie Man said.

Popcaan subsequently took to Instagram to address Beenie Man and defended his mother, Mrs Rhonda.

“Moses me rate you as a icon inna music, but don’t feel like yo can style me or miss Rhona,” the “Family'”deejay said.

“If me never respect you me woulda tell yo fi do the same to yo mother… but me see say a waste a time, and a next thing humbre (sic) you need to find a song like ‘Family’, and then yo chat,” he added.

Beenie Man has since attempted to clear the air, stating that his comments were taken out of context.

man ah seh ‘A what yuh ah talk bout man?’… but mi get fi realise seh him (the man) never run a boat yet and him nuh know ghetto life… it’s not disrespecting you (Popcaan), it has nothing to do with you,” Beenie said.

Many Dancehall fans have chimed in on the discussion, with the opinions mixed over Beenie Man’s explanation.

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