Buju Banton Drops First Track “Country For Sale” After Returning From Prison

Buju Banton unleashes first track "Country For Sale" since his release from prison. Listen to the song now!
Buju Banton Drops New Song "Country For Sale"

Photo credit: Instagram (@bujuofficial via @fernandofhevia)

recently released a new single “Country for Sale,” produced by Banton’s frequent collaborator Donovan Germain.

On the track, the Grammy-winning Jamaican singer addresses the ways in which his native country has been negatively impacted by greed.

“Cause they don’t have to answer/They’re the ones who wrote the laws/Misappropriation of public funds.

For your fancy house and cars/The lavish trips you take/While taxpayers backs you break/Oh they price we pay to live/This is economic sacrilege.” he sings on the song.

Listen to “Country For Sale” by Buju Banton.

“Country For Sale” is a powerful reggae track which Buju Banton uses to criticise the Jamaican government’s lack of regard for the people and their overbearing hunger for riches. While it’s unknown whether the single will feature on an upcoming project from Buju Banton, the Jamaican artist is expected to feature on DJ Khaled’s forthcoming project, “Father Of Asahd.”

Buju Banton Drops First Track "Country For Sale" After Returning From Prison

Photo credit: Instagram (@bujuofficial)

The song arrives five months following Buju Banton’s release from a U.S prison after serving seven years for drug related charges. In 2011, the 45-year-old was sentenced to 10 years behind bars for the illegal possession of a firearm and conspiracy to possess cocaine with intent to distribute. Two years into his incarceration, a judge dismissed his gun charge and reduced his sentence to seven years.

“It’s truly been a long walk to freedom…but I give thanks for the outpouring of love and support over the past 9 years,” he wrote on Instagram after his release.

“I look forward to seeing and thanking you all on the Long Walk to Freedom Tour,” he added.

“Country for Sale” is now on all major streaming platforms.

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