Bad Gyal Cecile released a new single titled "IG Post," said to be dissing Dancehall MC Nuffy.

Bad Gyal released a new single titled “IG Post,” said to be dissing .

The Majah Label Music Group-produced song follows a drama surrounding an Instagram post made by Bad Gyal CeCile last Friday (Sept. 18) which deepened over the weekend.

Ce'Cile - IG Post

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A full-fledged battle of words between herself and controversial comedian MC Nuffy has ensued on the social media platform.

The Jamaican singer sought to get the attention of her ex, by reaching out to him on Instagram but her post was viewed by many including Nuffy as a desperate attention to get back into Martin’s life.

Nuffy aired his opinion, stating that CeCile’s post was an attempt at gaining the singer’s attention. CeCile then gave her reply to Nuffy’s comment.

However, it didnt end there. To let it soak in, the Dancehall singer released a new single “IG Post,” to bash the MC.

Listen to “IG Post” by Cecile.

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