Danielle Di erupts Dancehall fans after sharing a butt-naked photo of herself. See the photo!

has struck once again with a highly-sexualized visual to promote her music.

The diva recently sent tongues wagging with her latest racy social media post.

The “Wuk Out” deejay took things to the next level with a ­totally nude photo from the back in which she is sweating excessively, sporting long blonde braids and exposing her intergluteal cleft (better known as butt crack).

The photo was posted as a promotional artwork for her new explicit single titled “Falling 4 U.”

The photo has since received approval with over 2000 likes from her followers on Instagram.

“Hot,” one fan wrote.

“#Seductive ..wow need some a the pum pum ,” wrote another.

“My word my sentence my paragraph my earth my sky if yuh clean four more time,” one commented.

“I see why you are the envy of other women…you got me and your body sexy and cleeaaann! Love you babes @di_danielle,” another wrote.

As could be expected, however, some users were not pleased with Danielle’d nude photo.

“Memba one time women use to have morals now everybody naked,” one express.

“Y does she have to be naked though kmft,” one wrote.

“So we just a guh ignore the fact seh Jamaican music a get more sexualised? No man! Wah happen to we culture?,” wrote another.

It’s not the first time Danielle D.I. has shocked social media.

The raw Dancehall artist has released a string of explicit music videos throughout her music career and made headlines when her Instagram account was suspended for postinga spray-painted, naked body photo of her, which became the top trending July 4 hastag.

In April, she allegedly threw shade at Ishawna for copying her “doggy-style” Instagram pose.

She is known for songs like “Beat It,” ,”My Man,” “Rebel” featuring Cherine and “Hear The Pree” featuring Kiprich.

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