Dexta Daps gets suave and passionate for "F*ck You Mean" video.

is looking all suave and passionate in the video for his song “F*ck You Mean.”

The “Pretty Nicky” artist is wearing a black suit dapperly accented with a polka dot bow tie in some scenes. In other scenes he has removed the jacket and has the bow tie pulled hanging around his neck.

This song will no doubt be a hit with the ladies, as if they didn’t already love him enough.

In the video, he tells the object of his passion that he’s so enamored with her “p*ssy” that he “nah lef yuh a bloodcl**t”.

“Yuh p*ssy mek me waan stop cheat,
An’ anyweh mi go mi haffi come back fi it,
Yuh p*ssy deh pon mi mind, mi cannot sleep,” Dexta Daps sings.

Watch “F*ck You Mean” music video by Dexta Daps.

Dexta Daps, while having released songs prior, rose to popularity in early 2015 with “7 Eleven”.

He has since then release major hits like “Shabba Madda Pot” and “Chinese Jordan”.

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