The Jamaican entertainer I-Octane sported a camouflage blazer at this year's Arthur Guinness Day concert.

I-Octane sports Camouflage Blazer

Danehall singjay , who closed this year’s Arthur Guinness Day concert, paid tribute to the legendary Irishman in a clip announcing his set.

The Jamaican entertainer sported a camouflage blazer at the show.

“Arthur Guinness is not an ordinary man. When I got selected to perform it motivated me to bring the music to the next level.”

During his 30-minute stay, he hit out against rapists and gunslingers and kept the crowd entertained with “Suffer Too Long,” “Lose A Friend,” and “My Life.”

Stellar performances marked this year’s Arthur Guinness Day concert at the National Indoor Sports Centre.

Celebrating its fifth year, the invitation-only event is held in honour of the Irish businessman/philantropist who founded the world-famous Guinness brewery in the 18th century.

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