DMX says he doesn’t listen to reggae/dancehall music anymore because of Sean Paul in an interview clip with VLAD TV.

DMX says "Reggae Lost Me Because Of Sean Paul"

Says “ Lost Me Because Of

DMX: Sean Paul Earned His Beef With Me (2005)

Video: DMX claims Sean Paul caused Him to Dislike Reggae Music

DMX says he doesn’t listen to reggae/ music anymore because of Sean Paul in an clip with VLAD TV.

The American rapper says he lost interest in reggae music after he was rejected by dancehall artiste Sean Paul, when he approached the deejay to be featured on the remix of his 2002 hit “Gimme Di Light.”

Back in 2005, VladTV sat down with DMX, who shared his thoughts on his beef with Sean Paul, and reveals it all went down after the Jamaican artist acted funny about a record.

In the recent uploaded clip, Sean Paul told him that he was not interested in doing a remix for the song. However, weeks later a remix was released featuring Busta Rhymes.


DMX claims that he asked Paul to get on the “Gimme The Light” remix, but after feeling like they bonded, he got the run around and they went with Busta Rhymes instead.

DMX says he considers Sean Paul’s action to be disloyal since he thought they had a friendship, based on the fact that he featured Sean Paul on his Top Shotter record, along with Mr Vegas.

“Reggae lost me; music is music. I respect it as an art form, I respect the people who do it as being talented artistes, I just don’t like the music. (It was) like he had this joint and I just wanted to do a remix to the joint on my own – like make me just blaze that; you know? You don’t have to come out of your pocket or nothing. I just wanna blaze it, the beat is hot. He was like ‘oh mi don’t know if they gonna do a remix’ and he put me on a phone with another lady. I’m like; ‘hold up, when we were in Jamaica you and me were sitting down talking about the song and you gonna do me like that?’ I’m like alright, cool, and two weeks later I hear Busta Rhymes on the remix,” said DMX.

During the interview DMX also talks about falling out of love with reggae, but adds that he still respects all types of music.

DMX also claimed that he refused to work with Sean Paul on other projects because of how the situation was dealt with.

“When I was doing my fourth album, he was now like; ‘yo mi have a hot song mi want you to do the remix.’ I was like; ‘no dawg get the … out of here with that bull… you know what am saying? I just wanted to do something – I wasn’t asking you for no money or anything. If I did a … greasy he deserved it and he deserved that one,” he said.

Watch the brief interview footage of DMX talking Sean Paul and Reggae music.

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