Sizzla Kalonji bashes the government system and gay relationships in a brief interview with Onstage after performing at Rebel Salute 2015.

Over the last three years has consistently earned top performer’s credit from just about every performance he made on Jamaican soil.

During that same period, the “Rise to The Occasion” singer came under severe pressure to relent on Homosexual bashing during performances.

Music: Sizzla Kalonji – Badman Fire Gunshot

Hype Life Magazine understands that after his performance at Reggae Salute 2015, Sizzla opened up on these matters in a brief with Onstage.

Sizzla closed the festival, storming onstage around 8.30am shortly after I Wayne. With almost 70 albums in his catalogue, Sizzla ran through his hits like thunder storm.

Performing in the scorching Jamaican sun dressed in a yellow blazer and fitted tie, Kalonji wasted no time addressing some backstage issues.

“I’m warning all promoters: when I turn up you better let me in with all my gang. Don’t mess around.”

Sizzla made a point to sing the praises of the Rasta’s healing of the nation; marijuana.

“Smoke the herb and get a humble thought,” he chanted. “Babylon couldn’t stop this one a bumbaclaat.”

“Ganja is free down here man,” he expanded on the question of whether marijuana would ever be legal in Jamaica.

“But them wan’ make money offa the ganja. And enough people them prosecute for the ganja. So the Rastaman plan to slap them some judgment”.

Over the years, Rebel Salute has distinguished itself from other shows by booking only roots reggae and ‘conscious’ acts, avoiding artists whose music traffics in sex or violence, aka “slackness”.

With conditions applied, Marijuana is expected to be legalized in Jamaica this year!

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