Isaiah Rashad released the music video for his new single "Smile," directed high above Los Angeles in a smoke-filled, vintage Cadillac.

Following moments of spontaneous activity interjected by month-long silences, the Tennessee recording artist has released the official video for his latest single “Smile.”

With his feet up and pockets full of money, Isaiah Rashad leaves all his troubles behind on his new single, “Smile.”

“Smile” boasts a slow-burning beat that’s sonically reflective of Rashad’s Tennessee roots. The raps are just as smooth, but the content is often painful, as Rashad documents coming back to his stomping grounds, only to find his community isn’t bearing the “smile” with which he thought his return would be greeted.

The second verse, however, is dedicated to his baby mother, as he shares some not-so-complimentary words for her.

The video retains an eerie palette of greens and reds as we are treated to a series of pan shots revolving around a vintage, smoke filled Cadillac high above Los Angeles.

The video was released a day after that of the single and was directed by PANAMÆRA, whom of which was recently recognized for a notable involvement in Kendrick Lamar’s “Project Hero.”

He has been offering glimpses of the follow-up to his 2014 debut EP Cilvia Demo for several months now, whether it is an ominous tweet or one-off single “Nelly.”

Assuming that this trend continues, expect Isaiah to be the first release from Top Dawg Entertainment in 2016.

Watch “Smile” music video by Isaiah Rashad.

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