American rapper Kanye West released a new single "Say You Will," featuring Caroline Shaw.

Listen to "Say You Will," by Kanye West featuring Caroline Shaw

drops new song “Say You Will,” featuring

American rapper Kanye West released a new single “Say You Will,” featuring Caroline Shaw.

Out of nowhere Kanye West provides us with some new vibes with the release of “Say You Will.”

Caroline Shaw appears with additional vocals on “Say You Will,” originally from West’s 2008 album 808s & Heartbreak.

“Say You Will” is a truncated, reworked version of the 808s & Heartbreak opener released back in 2008, one that features Pulitzer Prize-winning performer Caroline Shaw.

This new material fits into recent displays of 808s nostalgia by both West and the music community at large. He performed the album in full two September nights in a row at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, and the album’s been critically reconsidered in recent months thanks to its impact on the sound and emotional tenor of contemporary hip-hop.

It remains to be seen whether or not this release is going to kick off renewed musical activity on West’s part or remain a throwaway for devoted fans.

Listen to “Say You Will,” by Kanye West featuring Caroline Shaw.

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