Konshens officially released "Weed On Me," to acknowledge 4/20 (National Weed Day).

To acknowledge 4/20 on April 20, recognized globally as National Weed Day, artiste officially released a singe titled Weed On Me.

Produced by Kaeczar Music Group, Weed On Me is on the Eastbound Riddim.

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The soulful piece see’s the man from Sherlock Crescent showing off his versatility and repertoire, respectfully explaining to officers of the law that he has a “one spliff” and is not seeking to abuse the herb but to avail himself of the meditative properties.

“I am not a big smoker, but I personally think the weed is safe for responsible adults, so more power to those who recognised National Weed Day,” said Konshens.

Co-produced by Kevin Stewart and Leighton Williams, Eastbound Riddim also features No Matter the Signs by Adeeno; One Life by newcomer Gal-X; Love Her (Don’t Play); Only God Can Judge (Cyba); and Missing You (Erup).

Listen to “Weed On Me” by Konshens.

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