Kranium drop a hot dance video for his hit single "Last Night." Watch it now!

recently a release bashment video for his hit single “Last Night.”

“Last Night,” finds Kranium fully diving into a naughty realm that he’s perfected ever since his debut in 2013.

The song blurs the line between a love jam and a dancefloor hit, but rather than fail to establish itself as either, it plays to the best features of each style and suits both settings.

Watch “Last Night” dance video by Kranium.

Kranium told Billboard the reason for his list of sexually explicit songs.

“Mmhmm, because I like to fvck. It wasn’t necessarily [inspired by anyone]. But it was one of them records where I had the hook and I just needed the right beat to bring it to life. “Last night, one piece ah sumn…” I think the wording of it is sick. That’s what makes it special,” he said.

He told the publication that he does not write songs, he “just goes into the booth and sing whatever is on his mind.”

The Jamaican native also disclosed that he always pick his beats very specifically, from “Nobody Haffi Know” to “We Can” with Tory Lanez and “Can’t Believe.”

Kranium is preparing to release his upcoming EP.

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