Dancehall artist Masicka shares his journey to success with "They Don't Know," his first single of 2018.

recently rolled out new single titled “They Don’t Know.”

The hitmaker departures from his gritty anthems and appears to have struck a chord with the listening public with his first track in 2018.

“They Don’t Know,” released on the Gennasyde/TMG label on January 15, has racked up nearly 1.3 million views in three weeks on YouTube.

The single was produced by his in-house producer and is currently available on Apple Music and Spotify.

“Sometimes it’s great to have some amount of introspection.
The song is about my journey but it also mirrors the experience of many others who come from challenging circumstances. That’s why it tek off,” Masicka told media reporters.

On the song, the Jamaican deejay shares his journey to success.

“How dem a gwan like me nuh hungry before / How dem a gwan like me nuh stumble before / You haffi mek it when you humble fi sure / Crysp inna cup and a nuh rum me a pour / How dem a gwaan like say me born inna riches / A weh dem deh when man a sleep pon the floor? / But from me born me say me gone fi the riches / Mummy nuh worry, me can’t dead poor,” Masicka spits on the Dancehall beat.

Listen to “They Don’t Know” by Masicka…

Masicka’s rise as a dancehall deejay has been steady and consistent so much so that promoters are now banking on him to fill venues and entertain the masses.

In the meantime, Masicka will be releasing his debut album during the second quarter of this year.

“This album will feature all new tracks.
I have written some songs already, but the fans can look out for it this year,” he said.

Masicka scored a huge number one last year with “Infrared” featuring , and topped charts with “Energy,” the popular “Ten Outta Ten,” and “Roll Clean.”

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