Miss Kitty disses Ishawna for disrespecting Miss Lou's bandana outfit at Reggae Sumfest 2017.

Media personality, , is the latest Jamaican public figure to take shots at following her comment regarding the Legendary poet Louise Bennett-Coverley earlier this month.

The “Fluffy Diva” sported a Bandana outfit on Night at 2017 while she addressed the “Equal Rights” singer’s “table cloth” comment, labeling her as a “dish towel.”

“No dish towel cyaa diss Miss Lou no time, yuh mad?” she asked the crowd.

“Big up all the gyal dem weh read and write, brain and brains and these things” she added.

Peep the footage of Miss Kitty, born Khadine Hylton, throwing shades at Ishawna at Sumfest 2017…

Ishawna recently has hit a firestorm of negativity as a result of a degrading reference to the national bandana outfit and its most noted exponent, national cultural treasure, the late Louise Bennett-Coverley.

On Saturday (July 8), Ishawna took to Instagram to showcased her raunchy oufit while with a controversial comment.

“Mi nuh dress inna tablecloth like Miss Lou #RipMissLou,” she captioned the photo.

Social media users came out to defend Miss Lou’s bandana outfit that school children at the primary level and below are required to wear at least once per year as a national symbol in Jamaica.

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