Set inside the captivating Olympia Art Gallery, Kelissa strolls along the striking mural as the lyrics from "Best Kept Secret" paint itself on the walls. The lyrics from the song were written by Kelissa and the video was Directed and Edited by Nicholas 'Birdy' Shaw. The mysterious narrative of Best Kept secret that begins in the Lyric Video is to be continued...

The track is part of Natural High’s Urban Roots Project which is a compilation featuring Jesse Royal, Jovi Rockwell, Keida, Keznamdi, Dre Island and a host of other artists.

Equally sweet and hard-hitting, the catchy song highlights ’s crystal clear vocals and sentimental melodies played by a cadre of exceptional instrumentalists —Nambo Robinson on trombone, his son Nnamdi on lead guitar and Wayne Armond on riddim guitar, with Everald ‘Stingray’ Gray on trumpet and flugle.

Bringing it together seamlessly alongside her lead and supporting vocals are background vocalists Hectar Lewis and (Jamar McNaughton), who is also responsible for mixing the track.

Best Kept Secret’s easy harmonies are flavoured with old school lover’s rock and strains of dub to take you on a journey into Kelissa’s heart and mind.

It evokes feelings of nostalgia, perfectly captured in the cover image which was shot at Eits Café in The Blue Mountains by William Richards.

Kelissa - Best Kept Secret (Locked Away)

was born and raised in the hills of St. Andrew, Jamaica.

At an early age, Kelissa developed an inclination to listening and making music, largely influenced by reggae and Rastafari.

With her parents as the lead vocalists in the reggae band ‘Chakula,’ there was constantly music pulsating from her home.

Her music has evolved into an expression of her background as well her stimulating living experiences in Tanzania, Ethiopia and Ghana.

At the moment Kelissa resides in Jamaica where she continues to make positive and conscious music as an avenue to express her diverse experiences and to inspire and uplift others.

According to FRANK 151, Kelissa has become synonymous with the country’s ever-popular “reggae revival” movement.

She joins other young, conscious reggae artists like , Chronixx, , and Jesse Royal in offering a new take on traditional reggae that draws heavily on personal experience.

Rastafari and roots reggae have been a core part of her upbringing, as has her lifelong interest in dance, but it’s her more recent travels that helped her develop her own sound in Kingston’s highly competitive music industry.

Watch “Best Kept Secret” lyric video by Kelissa.

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