Dancehall artist Popcaan drops new hit sing "Hold On," produced by Dre Skull. Listen to "Hold On" by Popcaan.

Popcaan - Hold On (Music)

releases “Hold On” new hit single

Dancehall artist Popcaan drops new hit sing “Hold On,” produced by .

Popcaan, whose real name is Andre Jay Sutherland, is the current leader in the neverending battle for supremacy among Jamaican deejays.

Music: Popcaan – Where We Come From

Sutherland has a super-melodic flow (he’s what is sometimes referred to as a “singjay”) and nimble sense of melody, so Hershey’s beats offer a lot of opportunities to exploit both talents, even as they stick to chord progressions that don’t stray from dancehall’s conventions.


Dre Skull’s production skills also make a good platform for Sutherland’s expressive delivery, converting the plaintive strings and funereal tolling bells of “Hold On” into triumphant uplift

Listen to “Hold On” by Popcaan.

[audiotube id=”U5vzaRH-TfU”]

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