Dancehall artist Popcaan drops new hit sing "Hold On," produced by Dre Skull. Listen to "Hold On" by Popcaan.

releases “Hold On” new hit single

artist Popcaan drops new hit sing “Hold On,” produced by .

Popcaan, whose real name is Andre Jay Sutherland, is the current leader in the neverending battle for supremacy among Jamaican deejays.

Music: Popcaan – Where We Come From

Sutherland has a super-melodic flow (he’s what is sometimes referred to as a “singjay”) and nimble sense of melody, so Hershey’s beats offer a lot of opportunities to exploit both talents, even as they stick to chord progressions that don’t stray from dancehall’s conventions.

Dre Skull’s production skills also make a good platform for Sutherland’s expressive delivery, converting the plaintive strings and funereal tolling bells of “Hold On” into triumphant uplift

Listen to “Hold On” by Popcaan.

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