Listen to the digital version of One Draw by Rita Marley.

Rita Marley - One Draw (Digital Release)

The Widow of icon Bob Marley has re-released her hit single One Draw. The song which was originally released in 1981 comes at a time when discussions surrounding the legalisation of marijuana in Jamaica heightens.

Re-released under Shanachie Records, Marley said she was pleased because the song’s resurgence highlights the timeless nature of music.

“With the release 30 years later, amid all the discussion on the legalisation of herb in the States, it shows how relevant and timeless music can be,” she said.

She also expressed surprise at the level of controversy created by the song at the time of its release.

“The release of One Draw in 1981 was during a very significant year for my family, and I never thought it would create the level of global controversy that it did, while still selling over two million copies.”

Marley thanked her fans for their continued support, saying she hoped they would enjoy the song now more than ever.

The song is available on iTunes as part of an extended 12″ mix.

Listen to the digital version of One Draw by .

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