Listen to We Don’t Die by Tyga.

Tyga - We Don’t Die - Hypelifemagaizne.comTyga - We Don’t Die-

releases an new single titled “We Don’t Die,” and features a heavy reggae influence, especially on the hook. No word yet on if this will be included on Tyga’s next album, The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty which is supposed to come later this year.

The Last Kings rapper-turned-artist, who just unveiled his first art piece, keeps the hustle alive with “We Don’t Die,” on which he spits some inspiring words and a reggae-flavored hook.

“I know times is hard, but can’t get no harder / Need some motivation if I’m gon’ get farther,” sings Tyga on the Dupri-produced track.

Listen to We Don’t Die by Tyga.

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