Listen to Jamaican Mannaz by Wayne Marshall featuring Jana Bent, Giomar Mitchell and Selah Channell.

Wayne Marshall feat. Jana Bent, Giomar Mitchell, Selah Channell - Jamaican Mannaz -

singer has released a new song titled Jamaican Mannaz, featuring his son, , along with  and her daughter,

Jamaican Mannaz is an initiative undertaken by Do Good Jamaica to celebrate how Jamaican it is to have manners.

Do Good Jamaica has launched a values and attitude campaign called Jamaican Mannaz.

The brain child of the project’s chief organiser Deika Morrison, the campaign is supported by Pals Jamaica and the Ad Council of Jamaica. It aims at “celebrating the way Jamaicans do manners” and is geared particularly at parents and children.

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“We thought Wayne was perfect for the project. We wanted to work off the vibe that Stupid Money had. It was a catchy song done with his son that had everyone falling in love with it and we wanted to repeat that effect with this initiative,” said Morrison to media reporters.

Morrison said that once she ran the idea by Marshall, he was all in.

“He was very excited about it and so was his son, the song is great,” said Morrison.

Written by Marshall, and Rupert Bent III, the song highlights the importance of common courtesy in Jamaica.

The song may soon be available for purchase on iTunes. Look out!

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 Listen to Jamaican Mannaz by featuring Jana Bent, and .

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