Parker McKenna Posey Wears Skimpy Bikinis In Jamaica

Parker McKenna Posey flaunts her steamy bikini body in Montego Bay, Jamaica. See her sexy photos!
Parker McKenna Posey Shows Off Bikini Body On The Beach In Montego Bay

Photo credit: Instagram (@parkermckennaaa)

showed off her toned bikini body on a beach in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

The American actress, famously known for her role as Kady Kyle in the series “My Wife and Kids,” which ran between the years of 2001-2005, shared a saucy photo with her 802K followers on Monday (Dec 18) via Instagram.

“Focus on me ✨| @shophoneydip 2018 🍯,” Parker captioned the photo while promoting her swimwear brand, Honey Dip.

Parker announced that she was in Jamaica by posting a previous bikini photo of herself, while rocking braids, on Sunday (Dec 17).

Parker McKenna Posey wears Skimpy Bikinis In Jamaica

Photo credit: Instagram (@parkermckennaaa)

“Hi Jamaica 😍❤️💛✨,” she wrote.

A source close to the actress told Hype Life Magazine that Parker is on the Caribbean island for a tropical getaway.

Paker Posey has grown up a lot since the American TV sitcom ended over 10 years ago.

The actress went on to star in a number of Disney shows, including iCarly.

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