Amber Rose sported a pink onesie that generated controversy with fans saying she looks like a "thot."

showed off her sexy curves in a skin-tight pink onesie outfit on Sunday (August 27).

The American model and actress was photographed leaving a dermatologist center in Beverly Hills just hours before the VMAs and she was dressed in a pink onesie that savagely hugged her curves like a second skin.

Amber Rose Flaunts Her Curves In Pink Tight Onesie, Gets 'Thot' Criticism

The outfit did justice to outlined every curve and dip on her body, leaving no details out. Her ample cleavage as usual was on display.

She later took to Instagram to share a video of herself getting injected in the face with botox.

Online users called her out for the video, saying she doesn’t need all that at her age.

The photo of 33-year-old personality leaving the clinic also received criticisms.

Some said she looks like a thot. Others said she looks way older than her age and even compared her to 44-year-old Gabrielle Union, saying she looks older than the stripper-turned-model who is 11 years her senior.

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