Baby Chams' wife and Dancehall singjay, Ophelia Beckett, sports a pink bikini underwear and belly cut oversized top.

Baby Cham’s Wife Ophelia flauts her Hot Bikini Body

’s wife Ophelia flaunts her Hot Body

, more popularly known as ‘O’, blazed on to the trail late last year, turning up the diva volume, alongside her husband Cham.

Ophelia shared this photo of herself in what appears to be a pink bikini underwear and belly cut oversized top, along with a Coconut jelly in her hand.


She recently told reporters, “My personal style is edgy and classy, with a touch of tomboy swag in the mix. I’m all about feeling sexy, so I mainly wear black, but I love to play with splashes of colour.”

A major part of her hot-girl image is high fashion which is present in all her music videos.

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