D'Angel performed on stage in a very revealing outfit while fans snapped and uploaded photos of her private area.

Following the circulation of pictures of her private part online, artiste D’Angel told reporters that she will be responding to her critics in the form of a song.

The not-safe-for-work images also got featured on MediaTakeOut, saying that D’Angel shows it all off.

D’Angel, who is no stranger to public scrutiny following her very public dispute with her child’s father, Dancehall artiste , said that despite the negative backlash from the pictures, she is revelling in the Christmas holidays.

“I have no comments, the only comment I have will be in a song dropping very soon, before 2014,” she stated.
“I am enjoying my Christmas with my family and my son,” a jovial sounding D’Angel explained.

When asked about the release date and title of her impending song, D’Angel was very tight-lipped but stated however stated:

“The song will answer all of the things and I am currently in studio working on it.”

The salacious pictures, which were also featured on several popular entertainment and gossip websites, were taken earlier this month, during the artiste’s performance at an event in Temple Hall, St Andrew.

D’Angel continues to display that confidence and hard work will pay-off as she have been a member of the major schools and community tours namely; Coca-Cola, RE-TV and recently Irie FM Road Show.

The future looks bright for D’Angel because she’s one of the hottest female Dancehall artists and her growing demand as well when it comes on to controversy.

Peep the revealing pic of D’ Angel!

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