PHOTO: Ishawna Sports Battyrider, Flaunts Cheeks

Ishawna sports a Mickey Mouse blouse, blue short denim shorts and her typical gladiator heels.

Ishawna Booty Cheeks Peek Out In Short Shorts

recording artist is not slowing down, she recently dropped a set of revealing singles reportedly aiming at her ex-fiancee, Selecter .

The Jamaican singer is in the streets, not only working on her music, but also her high sexual image.

With long blonde hair, the ‘Need Love’ entertainer sports a Mickey Mouse blouse and a blue short denim shorts with her typical gladiator heels.

The singer recently released a new single titled ‘Restraining Order,’ on the High Life Riddim, produced by JA Productions.

On the track, Ishawna blasts her ex-man with a ‘Restraining Order’ for shortage, hurting her and abusing her rights.

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