Jah Cure's wife and babymama Kamila McDonald flaunts her toned physique in a hot, tie-dye bikini on the beach in Jamaica.

Kamila McDonald flaunts hot body in Skimpy, Tie-Dye Bikini

Jah Cure’s wife and babymama recently shared an beach-bum, bikini photo of herself — flaunting her toned physique in a hot, tie-dye bikini on the beach in Jamaica.

The fitness trainer also shared a powerful message about post-pregnancy stretch marks to all the mothers on her Instagram page:

“Ive been getting this question A LOT recently so this post is especially for all you beautiful mama’s out there. YES, I have stretch marks, most of us mothers do.”

“No, your body will never be the same and i’ve found that using 100% cocoa butter has reduced their prominence quite a bit. I’m not sure of anything that totally gets rid of them. But that’s ok Remember you brought a child (or children) into this world! Do you understand what a miracle that is??! In the grand scheme of this life long miracle, how important are they really?? Embrace the changes you and your body have gone through and be proud of them.”

“Celebrate every single inch of your body. Every jiggle, wrinkle, stretch mark and “flaw.” By doing that you will automatically create strength, power, confidence and more importantly self love. Everything falls into place after that! Love yourself, be kind to yourself. You are beautiful and you are a mama! Those stretch marks are stripes that you EARNED. Be proud of them.”

“#sendinglovetoallmaladies #especiallyyoumamas #lioness #beempowered #perfectlyimperfect #bekindtoyourself #loveyourself #anditwillloveyourightback”

Kamila shows off her own stretch mark and tell her followers to be thankful and not to worry about them.

Jah Cure married TV Host/Producer Kamila Mcdonald on 7 August 2011, in Sandy Bay Hanover.

On 20 February 2012 the couple welcomed a bouncing baby girl named Kailani Belle.

More Kamila McDonald photos and videos this week!

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