Jamaican Dancehall Lady Saw, Marion Hall, is best known for displaying in her songs and act a degree of raunchy “slackness.”

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Jamaican , whose real name is Marion Hall, could easily have taken on the lead role in any of Tyler Perry’s Madea-themed movies.

In the early 1990s, when Lady Saw exploded onto the Jamaican music scene, she was best known for displaying in her songs and act a degree of raunchy “slackness” unmatched by any previous female artist.

Since that time, she’s retained her dancehall crown by dint not merely of her outsize charisma and talent, but of the searching sensibility of an artist who’s scored Jamaican hits employing styles ranging from the tender twang of her country ballad “Give Me the Reason” to the exultant toasting of step-off anthems like “Chat to Mi Back.”

She soon became known for her slack style, with songs such as “Stab Up De Meat”. Her performances were banned in some parts of , though equally lewd male performances were not.

Lady Saw new Album ‘Alter Ego’ hits Billboard

Lady Saw grabs her 'Pum Pum' on Stage


Saw was one ‘Angry Black Woman’ as she appeared onstage at 2013 Dancehall Night. Offstage, she was like a beaten woman ready to turn her life over to Christ.

In November 2012 she announced that she was turning her back on dancehall and would be concentrating on Gospel music in future.

Lady Saw was featured along with Nicki Minaj on rapper Trina’s song “Dang A Lang” from her 2010 album Amazin’.

Her 2014 album, Alter Ego, which features , Flo Rida, and Ali Campbell, was released in November, and will help to fund the foundation of the same name that she is setting up to help abused and needy women.

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