A photo of Hanna, wearing a Bob Marley t-shirt and a sexy yellow bikini bottom had some in social media world!

Lisa Hanna shows off Sexy Bikini Body on the Beach

Jamaican politician and former Miss World is again sending social media into a frenzy, as she posted a photo of herself dressed in beach attire on her Instagram page.

The photo of Hanna, wearing a Bob Marley t-shirt and a yellow bikini bottom had some in social media world saying that the MP’s attire was inappropriate.

“Post marathon quick dip this morning. Congrats to Jamdammers Sonic Steppers my Spartan Crew Lime and all the other individuals from yard and abroad. Over 35 different countries came to our shores it was Awesome and such a beautiful event and flawless event,” Lisa Hanna via Instagram.

The complain expressed by those on social media was not simply that the MP’s attire was inappropriate; critics primarily took issue with the photo being posted to her public page.

Readers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter had varying opinions, with some taking the view that her attire was appropriate because she was on the beach.

Jamaica Labour Party Senator Marlene Malahoo Forte joined the online conversation in support of Hanna saying:

“No need to be uncharitable to  Our Miss World . She is appropriately attired for the beach.”

Lisa Hanna wears Sexy Bikini with Bob Marley Belly Skinner on The Beach


On 6 January 2012, the Honourable Lisa Hanna was appointed Minister of Youth and Culture. Miss Hanna is the Member of Parliament for Southeast St. Ann which she has represented since 2007 when she became the youngest female constituency representative in the People’s National Party.

At the University of the West Indies, where she read for Bachelors and Masters degrees in Communications, she was elected the External Affairs Chairperson for the Guild of Students. During her tenure, she raised funds to build a Computer Facility for the Faculty of Arts and the Humanities, accessed several thousands of dollars in scholarships and grants for UWI students, and trained more than 2000 children in character development through the Lisa Hanna Workshop.

As a high school student, she became presenter of one of Jamaica’s most popular television programmes for youth, Rappin, which launched her career in media and communication. Miss Hanna has worked extensively in areas of media, marketing and public relations locally and internationally. She has worked in several inner city communities, supporting fund raising efforts which have financed education initiatives and improved social development and physical infrastructure.

In 1993, Miss Hanna won the Miss Jamaica World Title and then the coveted Miss World Title in the same year. As a global figure, she has travelled extensively and has had the privilege to be in dialogue with some of the world’s most respected and revered political leaders including Fidel Castro and Nelson Mandela – who invited her to his historic Presidential Inauguration in 1994.

Miss Hanna sees her appointment as Minister as an opportunity to use the wealth of experience gained from her years local and international exposure to make a significant contribution to improving the quality of life of her fellow Jamaicans.

Miss Hanna is committed and active representative. She is also a dedicated mother to her son, Alexander.

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