PHOTO: Usain Bolt’s Girlfriend Sports Natural Look, Cleavage

Usain Bolt's Jamaican girlfriend Kasi shows off her natural look (little to no makeup), some cleavage and curves in a skimpy bikini.

, the girlfriend of the world’s fastest man, rocks her natural look with little to no makeup and appears gorgeous as usual.

In May, ’s first lady took to the beach to get wet and show off her curves in a skimpy bikini.

Kasi flashes her cleavage in this soaking wet photo!

Usain Bolt's Girlfriend Sports Natural Look 2016

Photos: Usain Bolt’s Girlfriend Kasi Flaunts Her Beauty And Curves

The 9-time Olympic gold medalist is having the time of his life, but his girlfriend doesn’t seem too happy about it.

Reports have linked Bolt to some women and some wild escapades since he completed his medal run.

Folks have often wondered what she has to say about the matter. For the moment, it seems as if she might be just a little tired of all the news reports and, possibly, Bolt’s behavior.

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