D'Angel recent performed at an event, where the selector was suspected to play. The daggering moves Foota Hype used on Beenie Man's ex-wife on stage astonishing.

D'Angel Jumps On Foota Hype

Photos: Cocks Up D’Angel, Hot Daggering on Stage

Despite the recent fallout between public figures, artist D’Angel was recently cocked up by selector Foota Hype, was involved in ex-girlfriend Ishawna love-triangle controversy.

D’Angel recent performed at an event, where the selector was suspected to play.

The photos show the daggering moves Foota hype used on ’s ex-wife, while she performed on stage.

It looks like the two have put their difference aside.

D'Angel Bends Over for Foota Hype


In Foota Hype’s recent rant about leaving Downsound Records, female deejay D’Angel got caught in the crossfire, as he vented about being disrespected by Joseph Bogdanovich, who he said allowed his ex-fiancée, Ishawna, to release songs insulting him.

He also alleged that Ishawna is involved with both producer Skatta and Bogdanovich.

“When she a do dem song deh, it really aggravate me because you a talk bout mi a stalk you and a terrorise you, and you know mi not even a look at you. When mi see yuh, mi see scum, mi see dirt; she worse than D’Angel,” he said in an interview that was on YouTube.

D’Angel, who is currently on an English tour, said she was disappointed that Foota Hype would try to tarnish her reputation.

But Foota Hype has since apologised in the form of a video on Instagram.

“D’Angel, mi just want you know seh mi neva intentionally diss you, and mi neva plan fi diss you; is just sup’m weh come out. By right, you shouldn’t even get dragged inna this. So sorry if you tek it a way a seh mi disrespect you, no harm intended,” he said in the short video on Friday.

The video was also accompanied by text, in which he also apologised to other persons who may have been affected by what he said.

“I must send my apologies to all the innocent people who have been affected by the recent happenings in my life, especially #D’angel, who had nutt’n to do with it. This is the type of st I was trying to avoid why I was quiet the whole time, but there is only so much a man can bare. I already did Onstage, so that will be on Saturday (last weekend),” he said.

He also stressed that he will not do any other interviews on the matter for the sake of his son, Oshawn, who is also the child of Ishawna.

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