Reggae star Jah Cure and his wife, Kamila McDonald have shot down divorce rumors on Instagram with seemingly incontrovertible evidence!

Jah Cure & Wife Kamila Couple Up

Reggae star and his wife, have shot down rumors on Instagram! Hype Life Magazine has previously reported that the celebrity couple’s could be going down hill — according to a celebrity blog.

Responding to an apparently erroneous report that Jah and his wife are experiencing a rough patch in their relationship, according to Jamblogg, they took to Instagram to refute the rumor with seemingly incontrovertible evidence.

Kamaila tweeted the picture above Twitter: “Judge not what you know not of. Give thanks for love, life and abundant blessings!♥♥♥”

Jah Cure tweeted the picture below on Twiter: “King and queen ♥♥….nothing or no one can break us apart.”

Jah Cure & Wife Kamila Couple Up 2

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