Jamaican singer Karian Sang who is signed to Mavado's Mansion Records is not only talented but super gorgeous and sexy.

Dancehall Diva Karian Sang Is Super Sexy 15

Jamaican singer who is signed to ’s Mansion Records is not only talented but super gorgeous and sexy.

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, the country known for leaving its footprints all over the world with its sweet sound of Reggae — Karian Sang started singing at a young age.

She quickly discovered that her Jamaican ancestry blessed her with rhythm in her soul and a beautiful voice.

The pop princess  recently teamed up with Mavado on the Troyton-produced banger “Take It,” which has topped the charts in the UK.

Karian’s first album single “So Insane” was added to 11 Top 40 radio stations across . In 2010 the second single “Ma Jam” was also added to radio and TV (Much Music/Much Vibe). In April 2011 Karian Sang won her five WRCMA awards.

Peep some hot photos of Mavado’s signee, Karian Sang, below!

During the last year Karian Sang has gotten a new image, new songs and a more refined vision of what she wants and who she is as an artist and a person. With the new image comes a new name, we wanted a name that would match her new grown up look so it was only natural that she went with her real name Karian Sang.

Karian Sang and her manager have worked very hard on promoting her new more grown up image. Which has led to working with numerous producers and artist in the US.

Karian Sang talents extend beyond her captivating voice. The tropical rhythm she possesses gives her an extinguished dance flair that is sure to dazzle her viewers. With the same creative and seductive energy that Karian Sang has captured the attention of the music industry, she will captivate the public, with the power of her voice, lyrics, dance rhythm and natural beauty.

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