American Actress Karen Denise Aubert was recently in Jamaica not to shoot a movie or a fashion shoot, but recording new music in the studio.

Actress KD Aubert visits Jamaica

American Actress and model, , was recently in the island not to shoot a movie or a fashion shoot. Instead, she was recording new music in the studio.

The Louisiana native got her big break in 2002. While Aubert was hosting the MTV game show Kidnapped, with Dave Holmes, she landed her first major role on her first audition in the cult classic, Friday After Next.

Aubert said that she is not switching to music, but doing it in concert with what she is already doing. She is doing music that she loves and listens to.

“When my music career takes off I will switch my priority by putting music first and I can’t wait to switch,” she told reporters excitedly in .

“I have had success in movies, I haven’t had success in music yet, so for now acting is my priority because it keeps me afloat. As for modelling, that’s easy, all I have to do is not eat.”

Aubert is confident in her decision and believes that at this juncture in her life, her pursuit of music feels so right.

Video: Hollywood Actress Karen Denise Aubert Recording Music In Jamaica

Excited about this new journey, she believes that there is enough room for everyone.

“Everything is falling in place and I have the right people around me. I have no doubt whatsoever.”

“Hopefully, God’s willing I can wow people. I would just encourage people to come along for the ride and to know that my music is not a generic label.”

“In the beginning I think that it was taboo for someone to be talented in more than one thing,” she explained.

“I did rapping before acting and modelling; I used to do it at school before I approached it professionally. I have worked with some really big people, including Dr Dre. I am also a successful song writer. I have written for a few people already.”

KD Aubert can also be seen partying with popular TV personality, Milk, at Famous Nightclub in Portmore, while chilling and dining at Strawberry hills Hotel.

Check out the photos of KD Aubert, chilling out and recording music in Jamaica!

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