Konshens shares a family portrait of himself, his fiancee and son -- sporting matching outfits.

artiste recently shared a photo of him and his family recently online.

The picture consists of Konshens, his fiancee Latoya Wright, and son Liam.

Latoya has been getting a lot of hate from fans in recent times, saying that the mother of the “Gyal A Bubble” deejay’s son Liam looks a bit masculine in her photos.

PHOTO: Konshens Shows Off His Fiancée’s Bikini Body

Konshens, who says these days he has a thicker skin for critics online, quickly shut down the haters after the new photo of his family surfaced online.

The family sports matching outfits — all decked in white tops, blue jeans, and Timberland boots.

Konshens, His Fiancee And Son Sport Matching Outfits

The Jamaican deejay also fathers an older daughter Sajhi, who was not in the photo.

Konshens, whose real name is Garfield Spence, is known for his up-tempo singles like “Gyal a Bubble, “Siddung,” “Bad Gyal” just to name a few.

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