Photos: Lisa Hanna goes Bra-less and it’s Obvious!

Jamaican MP Lisa Hanna shows off her stiff nips, which has social media buzzing crazily.

’s nips are the talk in social media, perhaps it was a bit too chilly for her sleeveless attire in the South East of Jamaica.

The Jamaican Minister of Youth and Culture recently visited her constituency.

The former Miss World was out in support Parry Town Cricket, a new initiative the Councillor herself implemented to build better community relationships.

Lisa Hanna stood still for a Kodak moment with serveral on-duty South East police officers.

Apparently she wasn’t expecting a chilly weather, but now social media buzzing with questions  of whether the MP was wearing a bra.

See the photo of Jamaican MP Lisa Hanna showing of her nips, which was posted on her Instagram profile.

Lisa Hanna goes Bralllless and its Obvious & Sexy

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