International dancehall star Sean Paul was recently performed in Germany, where he met with singer Selina Nunez.

Sean Paul & Selina Nunez Get Cozy In Germany -

International star was recently performed in Hamburg, Germany, where he met with singer Selina NunezSelina Nunez, last-week.

The both shared images to their Instagram pages, giving props to each other.

is a German-Spanish singer and was from 2010 to 2012 member of the band Queensberry . After leaving the band she has worked as host and solo singer.

Together with the SpaceBoyz from Hamburg in July 2013, she released the single Turn It Up, a hip-hop piece with dance influences and the associated Remix Crash The Party.

In the published in August 2013 debut album Here We Come the SpaceBoyz it is also heard as a guest singer in the song Happy Birthday.

Selina Herrero is currently romantically involved with the singer Johny Fraser, the 2013 candidate of The Voice of Germany.

The two since 2014 occurred among other things, as an acoustic duet “J & S”.

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Sean Paul & Selina Nunez Get Cozy In Germany - Selfie -

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