PHOTO: Shaggy And Wife Rebecca Packer Get Cozy In The Bahamas

Jamaican superstar Shaggy and his wife Rebecca Packer get extra cozy and warm in the Bahamas!

International fusion singer , whose real name is Orville Burrell has maintained 18-year relationship with his girlfriend .

The couple tied the knot in July 2014.

While reminiscing on a past trip in the Caribbean, Rebecca recently shared a photo, which displays herself with her musical husband getting cozy and warm in Nassau, Bahamas.

Shaggy And Wife Rebecca Packer Get Cozy In The Bahamas 2016

“#missyou #fbf #andreasbdayweekend #nassau #albany #bahamas #justcusimissmyorb ,” Rebecca wrote on Instagram.

Shaggy and Rebecca Packer Married In Jamaica

Shaggy explained that falling in love with his wife over and over and the excitement she brings to the union are some of the things that does it for him, especially when he returns home from a lengthy tour.

“At some point, as a boy, I had sowed my royal oats, so to speak, for years upon years. I have been in that spot for years, and at some point it kind of narrowed down to one person that keeps your interest going,” Shaggy admitted to media reporters in 2014.

“I’m a Libra. I get bored easily. And that is why my music keeps changing ’cause I get bored. You’ll never get bored of me because I’ll get bored of myself first,” he said.

However, he said, Rebecca keeps him excited specially with her very opinionated personality.

“She challenges me in many ways,” Shaggy said.

“She is very opinionated. Very opinionated. We have had our fair share of arguments, but I think the best way to put it is that we are two stones and the edges are rough and they beat on each other until eventually they are smooth. That’s the best way I can say it. She constantly impresses me as we go along and that keeps my interest there. And our love is the basic thing that keeps us together; and I don’t think I have ever fallen out of love with her.”

He explained that being away from her so often also helps, as when he finally gets back to her it’s like falling in love all over again.

“We just have certain values that click,” he added.

Shaggy also revealed, last year, that his wife has family hailing from Salthill in Galway, a city in the West of Ireland.

“Everyone should have an Irish wife!” Shaggy wrote on an Instagram post last year.

Shaggy is best known for his hits singles Boombastic, Wasn’t Me and Angel. He is Jamaica’s only living Diamond plus selling Reggae artiste.

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He is also known for his suave yet rugged look, his philanthropic aid to the Bustamante Hospital for Children with his Shaggy and Friends charity concert.

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