Dancehall sensation Gully Bop and his boo are making headlines, again, after Shauna Chin tattooed his name on her arm. See the photos!

Shauna Chin Tattoos 'Gully Bop' Name On Her Arm

shows off her new Tattoo, sports ’s name with Dollar Signs on her Arm

sensation Gully Bop and his girlfriend Shauna Chin are making headlines, again. Chin recently shared a video on Instagram, which shows her getting Gully Bop’s name tattooed on her arm.

“At this moment…finally finish up,” captioned the clip.

[Tweet “Shauna Chin shows off new Tattoo, sports Gully Bop’s name with Dollar Signs on her Arm”]

Shauna Chin Gets 'Gully Bop' Tattoo On Her Arm 2015 Shauna Chin shows off her new Tattoo, sports Gully Bop's name with Dollar Signs on her Arm

The footage generated a number of comments and questions from social media users.

“Den a how much man she ago tattoo pon her skin????,” asked one person on Instagram.

Nevertheless, Chin is highly-proud of her new ink and could care less for her naysayers.

“It’s my life, my relationship. All those who are talking are just judging, they don’t know anything and if me and him lef today, it’s going to stay right there,” she told media reporters today.

“I love him. It was always there but nobody neva see it. Me just go finish it. Me love him and if everybody could take the time out to know him, dem woulda love him too,”she added.

In the meanwhile, Gully Bop does not have such plan to show his love by getting his boo’s name tattooed on him, according to Chin.

“No, no sah! Bop fraida needle. Him don’t even like hospital,” Chin revealed.

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